WearAQ and Umbrellium

Participants of the WearAQ project in Tower Hamlets, Spring 2018

Participants of the WearAQ project in Tower Hamlets, Spring 2018

Loop Labs has joined forces with WearAQ to deliver a series of experimental and informative Air Quality workshops in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. In these sessions, participants use wearable technology to measure their perceptions and the subjective experience is recorded using tech devices that catalogue gestures. This data will be compared with measurements from highly calibrated pollution monitoring equipment and other data points like temperature, wind and humidity to look at correlations and contrasts.

WearAQ was launched to look at how school children could make sense of these complex issues and to consider how people might combine their innate subjective perception and intuition with wearable technology and machine learning algorithms to investigate air quality issues. The results of were impressive – 75% of the Marner children accurately predicted air quality in their local area

Throughout March and April 2018, Loop Labs and WearAQ would like to invite the wider Tower Hamlets community to attend this next phase of Pollution Explorer workshops. Using cutting edge technology and our subjective experience of the city to work together, we can increase awareness and build collective agency to constructively deal with complex issues like air quality.

To join a workshop, please register here: https://goo.gl/forms/Yc9YWzbGpNt609iQ2

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