The Air Pollution Song

Loop Labs delivered the 6 week Citizen Science Programme at Bonner Primary School in Tower Hamlets in Spring 2018. At the programme end, the children presented to an audience that included Councillors, local businesses, their peers, families and communities. And the best bit - they made this brilliant song about air pollution! Listen and learn :)

Urban Citizen Science Programme

                                                     The Citizen Scientists at St Helen's Catholic Primary - Brixton - Summer 2017

                                                   The Citizen Scientists at St Helen's Catholic Primary - Brixton - Summer 2017

Recent Projects - June / July 2017

The Urban Citizen Science program was delivered to 23 year 5 pupils at St Helen's School in Brixton.

The school is situated next to a main road in central Brixton, one of Lambeth's air quality hot spots, and the local council have been working with them on strategies for reducing pupils' exposure to air pollution in arrange of ways, including a formal air quality monitoring program (for both NO2 and particulate matter) and plans to install a 'green screen' of plants on the wall between the playground and Brixton Road.

Loop Labs

We are a non-profit organisation founded by former London Deputy Mayor, Nicky Gavron. The UCS  is project managed by Iram Quraishi. School deployment and lesson plans are designed by Caroline Hardman. Community engagement and support was delivered by Kabelo Thomo. Programme evaluation and guidance was provided by Han Pham of Intel Labs Europe.

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