Can we assess the quality of air without the need for air quality sensors?

A total of 120 people were involved in the project over a span of two years.

The project found that people’s ability to assess the quality of air in each workshop compared to the digital sensors vary widely, the highest workshop correlation being 75%.

What can we do as a community to tackle air quality issues?

Participants were asked to make a small action to help tackle air quality issues. They made a commitment to a behaviour change and wrote it on a postcard. 90% of participants committed to the action for seven consecutive days.

Loop Labs developed and delivered the community engagement strategy.

WearAQ pilot project with Marner Primary School, Tower Hamlets


Urban Citizen Science - BONNER PRIMARY

The UCS programme catalyses conversations about air quality within communities, aligned with the goals of current environmental policies. This activity leads to long-term, durable behaviour change such as increased walking and reduced car use for shorter journeys.

In April 2018, Loop Labs commenced the delivery of a six week Citizen Science Programme at Bonner Primary School (Mile End) in Tower Hamlets.

In addition to the in-school academic programme, we also focused on involving families, the local community and local businesses to engage with the programme, which culminated in a Town Hall-style presentation event at The Centre, Mile End in June 2018.

Bonner Primary School and their most excellent ABBA Air Pollution Song!

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Walk the Talk: IOT, Wearable TecH & Pester Power

In 2013 Loop Labs designed and developed "Walk the Talk"  in partnership with Intel and with funding from the Technology Strategy Board / Innovate.

The theory was that fun is an effective driver. Game mechanics can play a critical role in behavioural change. Social competition and reciprocity are powerful motivators.

The project had children designing a video game that encouraged a greater awareness of the benefits of walking. This was used together with a mobile tracking app that allowed young players to monitor their families’ walking. As their parents walked more, the game tracked their steps, giving the kids more swag for their avatars. Pester power at its best!

Behaviour Change: Katz Kiely, first Director of Loop Labs, on Walking the talk - The Power of Pester