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Citizen Science Programme - Primary Schools

Since 2015, Loop Labs has been working with 7-11 year-old schoolchildren by taking them through the "Urban Citizen Science Programme". The UCS programme has been funded by Lambeth Council and the Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Alongside the in-class instruction, we deployed some technological aids, including Internet of Thing connected air quality sensors, creating a concentration of local sensors, which connected to a worldwide community. The parent participants also received activity trackers, which quantified their walking rates. These devices were used as part of an ongoing awareness and behavioural change programme focused on air quality, respiratory health and mindful walking and encouraged ‘pester power’ to get parents to more active with their children.

As a completion of our programmes, the children and their families come together with a wide range of local stakeholders, community champions and local politicians to a Town Hall meeting - which acts as a catalyst for sharing learnings, ideas and is a springboard for civic participation. The Citizen Science Programme has been successfully delivered across London boroughs to hundreds of schoolchildren and has created an ever growing community of young Citizen Scientists.


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