Loop Labs is a non-profit organisation founded by Nicky Gavron in 2014 with the objective of solving urban challenges with the power of communities.
Nicky is the former Deputy Mayor of London, a London-wide Assembly Member and Chair of its Planning Committee. Leading London’s response to climate change, she introduced policies and programmes to reduce C02 emissions across energy, water, waste and transport. Her initiatives include establishing the London Climate Change Agency and the C40: CITIES – Climate Leadership Group.

Nicky started Loop Labs to provide Londoners with a greater sense of agency in the design, policy making and management of their city.

In 2014 Loop Labs designed and developed "Walk the Talk"  in partnership with Intel and with funding from the Technology Strategy Board. The project inspired children to design a video game that encouraged a greater awareness of the benefits of walking. This was used together with a mobile tracking app that allowed young players to monitor their families walking.

Since 2015, Loop Labs has been working with 7-11 year-old schoolchildren by taking them throughthe "Urban Citizen Science Programme". The UCS programme has been funded by Lambeth Council and the Borough of Tower Hamlets. Alongside the in-class instruction, we have deployed air quality sensors and activity trackers amongst homes and families in the Boroughs. These devices were used as part of an ongoing awareness and behavioural change programme focused on air quality, respiratory health and mindful walking.